For developers

Building the Linux packages

To build the Linux packages, a Makefile is provided, which uses docker for building:

make dockerised_<name>

where <name> can be one of:

  • dockerised_deb_debian_bullseye

  • dockerised_deb_debian_bookworm

  • dockerised_deb_ubuntu_bionic

  • dockerised_deb_ubuntu_focal

  • dockerised_rpm_centos7

  • dockerised_rpm_centos8

  • dockerised_rpm_centos_stream

  • dockerised_rpm_opensuse15.3

  • dockerised_rpm_opensuse_tumbleweed

  • dockerised_rpm_rocky8

  • dockerised_rpm_rocky8.5

  • dockerised_all_packages (to build all of the above)

The resulting files are copied out of the build container to the ../results folder.

Docker for SSH-OIDC

motley_cue_docker allows you to run the whole SSH-OIDC set-up in Docker containers.


motley_cue_docker is not regularly maintained.